Anonymous asked:

(different anon) I believe period cramps are probably the worst pain possible for some girls, because apparently they all react differently, I have shattered my ribs and collar bone but I could deal with it, the amount of pain that I can see on my girlfriends face sometimes is terrible. I wish more guys weren't so ignorant about this because I know a lot of guys think they aren't that bad. Pain fucking sucks, especially getting in annually. Respect man

wannyy answered:

Yeah I mean some girls don’t feel it at all and some get kind uncomfortable and some literally DIE. But honestly I kind of appreciate it anyway, ‘cause it has increased my pain tolerance so much and maybe if it hadn’t then getting tattooed might’ve KILLED me.

It does suck, and what sucks the most is that no one can imagine what you’re going through so everyone’s like oh okay it can’t be THAT bad ^^ Luckily my torture only lasts for about an hour haha